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To learn more go to the FAQ:

  • e-GO! DRIVALIA Vehicles can they circulate in ZTL areas?

    With the e-GO! DRIVALIA vehicles you can drive in restricted city centre areas and park in spots marked by blue lines but you cannot drive in preferential, reserved lanes( i.e. taxi, bus..).


    In the city of Turin, you can freely access the Central and Roman ZTL, while access and transit in the ZTL reserved for public transport is forbidden every day from 7 to 20:

    Via San Francesco D'Assisi
    Via Arsenale, Via XX Settembre
    Via Accademia Albertina
    Via Pietro Micca (in direzione P.zza Castello)
    Via Milano
    Via Rossini (in direzione Via Po)
    Piazza Statuto
    Via Valperga Caluso

    Access to and transit in the Valentino ZTL and pedestrian ZTL is also prohibited.

    The above is to be considered by way of example, for official and always updated information on timetables and limitations, read the section dedicated to the ZTL, published on the website of the Municipality of Turin which can be reached at the following link: http: //www.comune. torino.it/trasporti/ztl/.


    In the city of Milan you can freely access the ZTL "AREA C". You cannot transit in the ZTL with access allowed at specific times only for specific categories of users (eg residents with permits) and for certain means of transport.
    For more information, read the section dedicated to the ZTL, published on the website of the Municipality of Milan which can be reached at the following link: http://www.comune.milano.it/wps/portal/ist/it/servizi/mobilita/ZTL_AUTORIZZAZIONI/ZTL


    In the city of Rome you can freely access the ZTL, included the A1 Tridente ZTL.

  • Is parking allowed in the blue lines?

    Yes, it is possible to park in the blue lines of the cities where the service is available (excluding parking barrier)


  • Is parking allowed in the blue and blue / yellow lines reserved for residents?

    Yes, it is possible to park in the blue lines of the cities where the service is available.

    Regarding resident  parkings:

    TURIN: the rental term is allowed on yellow stripes only in the San Salvario area.
    In other areas of the city it is not allowed to park on blue-yellow lines reserved for residents between 19.30-8.30.

    MILAN: the rental term is allowed on yellow stripes reserved for residents.

    We remind you not to leave the vehicle no parking areas, on the yellow stripes, in parking spaces reserved to disabled people, in places that obstruct circulation, in private properties in order to avoid penalties.

  • In the city of Turin, can I end the rental in a e-GO! DRIVALIA parking area (ex Bluetorino)?

    Yes, you can end the rental in one of the 140 areas reserved for e-GO! DRIVALIA (ex Bluetorino). You will not have to worry about connecting the car to the column. In the case of a vehicle with a low battery, our team will take care of connecting it.

  • I booked a car but it is connected to a charging station. Can I take it?

    Yes, you may find some cars available for hire but recharging at a column. Don't worry, open the vehicle normally from the app, go to the right side of the vehicle where the cable is connected and press the black button next to the charging plug. Disconnect the cable from the car and the column. Take care to put it in the luggage compartment and… GO!

  • I noticed that there is a charging cable. Can I recharge the car during my rental?

    At the moment the recharge service through the e-GO! DRIVALIA columns ( Bluetorino columns for example), is carried out only by the e-GO! DRIVALIA team. However, if you need to recharge during your rental, you can do it  independently at your own expense (or free if provided) at a private or public column of any operator using the charging cable in the trunk.

  • Where can I find parking at the airport or railway stations?

    - Turin Caselle Airport: follow the signs for "ARRIVALS" and using the left lane (attention, the right lane is reserved for taxis) you will find the Leasys e-parking in the multi-storey car park, level 0, in front of the airport at just 25m from the entrance.


    - Turin Porta Susa railway station: Corso Bolzano 47, enter the underground parking of the station (entrance on the right, after the roundabout) and enter at level -2. You will find the Leasys e-parking after the barrier.


    - Milan Malpensa Airport: before entering the airport area, follow the signs for "Car rental - car hire" (first exit on the right). At the roundabout, turn left and follow the signs for "Leasys" to enter the multi-storey car park, level 0.


    IMPORTANT: For rentals from Milano Malpensa Airport to Turin, please, be sure to select a vehicle of the Turin fleet on the app.
    When you're booking a car, click on the map on the city of Turin, than a pop-up will confirm you that the vehicle can be released in Turin. We remind you that it isn't possible go to Turin by a vehicle of Milan, in this case the message on the app shows "This vehicle can be released only in the city of Milan".


    Milan Linate Airport: cross the ARRIVALS area and follow the signs for the "P2 executive car rental and car sharing parking" You will find our e-Leasys parking on the 4th floor.


    - Rome Fiumicino Airport: follow the signs for "ARRIVALS" area and enter parking B in Terminal 1.  Go up to the terrace to find the parking spaces reserved for car sharing, marked with the e-GO! DRIVALIA logo. Alternatively, you can use the LEASYS parking lots on the third floor.


    - Rome Ciampino Airport: enter in the airport area and follow the signs to the CAR RENTAL PAVILION, the Leasys car parks are marked with the blue Leasys logo and charging columns.

    You can park the vehicle only in the LEASYS parking areas, which have a sign and / or stripes with a blue background with the LEASYS logo. Any rentals ended in toll parking lots of other sectors of the airport will be charged to the customer.

  • Does my membership have annual fee?

    From Sept. 27th  2022 your registration does not include annual costs or expire date.


    For example, if you do not use the service over time, you will not have any fixed cost to keep your plan active.

  • What is the minimum age to register for the service?

    To register with e-GO! DRIVALIA you need to be at least 21, hold a valid driving licence and a credit card.

  • Do I need a credit card to use the service?

    Yes, it is necessary to have a financial credit card and / or prepaid card (where permitted).

  • I have a foreign driving license, can I register for e-GO! DRIVALIA ?

    You can register with e-GO! DRIVALIA if you have a driving licence issued by one of the countries of the European Union or if you have an international driving license.

  • How can I register for the service?

    It is necessary to purchase on e-go.drivalia.com or app to access the subsequent phases.

  • I have a promotional code, how can I register for the service?

    If you have a promotional code or a discount code, go to www.e-go.drivalia.com or download the e-GO! DRIVALIA App, click register and as soon as requested, enter your code in the "Amazon voucher / promotional code" field and click on "Convert the code".

  • When will my profile be validated?

    The request to open the profile will be evaluated by our Team when all the requirements are completed: check that you have uploaded your documents (original photo of the driving license, screenshots, photocopies or scans are not accepted) and the payment card.

    The lack of one of the requirements (valid phone number, driving license and valid payment card) will not allow the user to be checked.

    If all the requirements have been uploaded correctly, the account will be validated by our team and you will receive a confirmation email.

  • I don't use the service often, I would like to cancel the monthly charge. How can I do?

    Do not worry! For less frequent use of the service we have introduced the new "Pay per use € 0 per month" plan. You will not have fixed monthly costs but only the usage fee. You can change your rate plan at any time. Go to the app and click on Profile  > Profile Data > Payment method > change rate plan. You will be able to choose a new plan without repaying the annual subscription fee. The chosen plan will be active from the date of the next monthly renewal.

  • Where can I find information about my plan?

    You can find all the details  directly on the app by clicking on:  Profile  > Profile Data > Payment method.

  • How does the daily rate work?

    Upon reaching the amount of € 43.50 during your rental you can continue driving your beautiful Fiat 500e for 24 hours from the start time of your rental, at no additional cost and without extra costs per km. You will not have to do anything, the daily rate will be applied automatically every 24h and you can drive without worries for one or more days!

    In case you have a prepaid subscription, the 24 hours will start at the end of the minutes credit. (example: you still have 30 minutes, you start the rental at 10.00, you finish the minutes credit half an hour later, at 10.30, your daily rental will be from 10.31 to 10.31 of the next day)

    During your rental, you can stop and take the keys with you to unlock / lock the vehicle. Just click on the "Stop" button, lock the doors with the keys and the Fiat 500e will always remain for your exclusive use. To recharge the vehicle during the rental, consult the dedicated FAQ in the "e-GO! DRIVALIA vehicle recharge" section

  • What will be required of me during the registration process for the service?

    During the registration to the service have ready: ID card, tax code, Italian B driving licence and payment (credit or prepaid) card under your name.
    At the end of the registration, after the data and the document are verified, you will receive from e-GO! DRIVALIA an e-mail confirming the registration. You will also receive the contractual documentation.

  • How can I find the vehicle to book?

    Check the map on the e-GO! DRIVALIA App and find the vehicle that you want to book.
    The vehicles are in the coverage area of the city where e-GO! DRIVALIA is active.

  • How can I book the vehicle to rent?

    Once you have checked the availability of the desired vehicle, you can book it via the APP. At the end of the booking, you will see the confirmation screen on the app and you will also receive an email notification with the details.

  • Until when can I consider the reservation entered valid?

    Your reservation will last 15 minutes. After these 15 minutes, your reservation will expire.

  • What happens if I don't pick up the booked car within 15 minutes?

    After these 15 minutes, your reservation will expire at no cost for you and, if you want, you can book another vehicle

  • Can I use the vehicle outside the coverage area of the city where e-GO! DRIVALIA is active?

    The vehicle can be used also outside the coverage area but the rental can be ended only after you return to the city of departure where the e-GO! DRIVALIA service is available..

  • How can I find the reserved vehicle?

    As you approach the vehicle that you rented, you may turn on the lights through the e-GO! DRIVALIA app, so as to find it easily.

  • How do I access the booked vehicle?

    As you reach the reserved vehicle, you will be able to unlock the doors of your Fiat 500e through the app by entering the PIN associated to your profile. Thus, all you have to do is push the button “UNLOCK VEHICLE” and wait for the opening, once the four indicators of the vehicle flash you can enter.

    In some cases, before opening the vehicle, you may be asked for the vehicle code which is present on the windscreen (top left).

    At the time of unlocking the doors will be charged to the customer the amount provided in the document "Tariff" for unlocking the vehicle.

  • Do you not correctly display the vehicle opening keys on the App?

    If you are on the booking screen and do not see the vehicle opening keys correctly,
    check the text / font size settings on your device.
    If the text / font size on your device was set to very large ​​or
    very small values, you may not display the screens of the LeasysGO App correctly!
    To change your phone settings follow these simple steps:
    - Android: general settings -> screen -> font style and size
    - iOS: general settings -> screen and brightness -> text size
    We recommend to select an intermediate value of text / font size and open
    the LeasysGO App again!
    If the problem persists, contact the call center at the assistance number 800.920.900
  • What do I need to check before picking up the vehicle?

    Once you have opened the vehicle, you will have 2 free minutes before the rental actually starts. Check its interior and exterior, its documentation and locate the ignition key. Fill the short questionnaire proposed by the app on the inspection you just completed.

  • What should I do if there is something wrong with the car, such as damage, very dirty, missing keys?

    You can refuse the rental, but you will be required to state the reason on the questionnaire. In this case, you can release the vehicle and rent another.

  • Is answering the questionnaire proposed via the App after checking the vehicle mandatory?

    The questionnaire is not mandatory. If you do not fill it, you can still go ahead with the rental but it will mean that the inspection was positive.

  • How is the vehicle started?

    You can start the engine by pushing the specific button and will not need to use the key, which in any case must be in the car's glove compartment positioned between the two front seats. Press the brake pedal (left pedal), we remind you that electric cars do not have a clutch, press the specific "Start / stop " button, until you hear the ignition sound and the speedometer shows" Speed 0 km / h.  Keep the brake pedal pressed and select "D" (or "R" in case of reverse gear) on the dashboard keypad (P-R-N-D). At this point, remove the electronic handbrake by clicking on the "P" button located between the driver and passenger seats and ... GO!

  • Can I drive outside the coverage area?

    During the ride you can drive in the coverage area or outside it as long as you want, but you cannot leave the Italian territory.

  • Can I carry passengers on board the rented vehicle?

    You can have passengers (make sure you comply with the Covid-19 rules –stay informed by visiting http://www.salute.gov.it/nuovocoronavirus).

  • It is possible to smoke in e-GO! DRIVALIAvehicles?

    No, smoking is prohibited inside the vehicles.

  • What do I have to do to close the rental?

    To end the rental, park the vehicle in the coverage area, in permitted spaces, such as blue stripes and dedicated stalls, check that you closed the windows, turned off the lights, pulled the emergency brake and locked the doors. Only after all that, you can press “end rental” on the app. Wait a few seconds and the app will confirm that the rental was ended successfully.

  • What do I have to do to close the rental?

    To end the rental, park the vehicle in the coverage area, in permitted spaces, such as blue stripes and dedicated stalls, check that you closed the windows, turned off the lights, pulled the emergency brake and locked the doors. Only after all that, you can press “end rental” on the app. Wait a few seconds and the app will confirm that the rental was ended successfully.


    If you don't see the "end rental" button on the app, make sure you have turned off the vehicle by pressing the car's on / off button.

  • Can I end the rental in a city other than the departure city?

    IMPORTANT: We remind you that it is possible to end the rental only in the city where you picked up the vehicle. The rentals terminated in cities other than the one of departure, will be subject to the application of the penalty for vehicle recovery. The only exception is for rentals from Turin to Milan Malpensa airport and from Airport (Malpensa) to Turin.
  • The e-GO! DRIVALIA cars are they sanitized?

    e-GO! DRIVALIA vehicles are constantly sanitized by the staff responsible for recharging and cleaning.

  • Can I park in a DRIVALIA e-parking?

    Yes, the e-Parking are the parking spaces reserved for the vehicles of the DRIVALIA fleet including those of e-GO! DRIVALIA.

    You can find Leasys e-parking by following the “DRIVALIA” signs at the railway stations and airports of the cities where the service is available.


  • How are the minutes consumed during each run recorded?

    The minutes used up during the ride will be deducted from your plafond At the end of every rental, you will receive an email summarizing the information of the ride and the vehicle used.

  • Can I have a summary of the trips made and the costs?

    In your personal profile you will have available the details of the rides taken and any additional costs not included in your subscription, such as: administrative expenses to notify traffic violations, claim management, minutes in excess of those available, etc. The complete list of all the cases is shown in the price list attached to he Terms and Conditions of the service.

  • How is the payment for the service done?

    The credit card or prepaid card entered in the profile during registration will be used for payment.

  • What is the personal Pin code?

    It is the four-digit PIN that you chose during the registration process, which will be validated via the e-mail and SMS sent to confirm the registration. This is a personal code that will not change, which you will need to enter in your smartphone for every rental to unlock the vehicle. Your PIN is strictly personal and is not transferable to third parties.

  • I suspect that third parties are using my PIN what do I do?

    If you suspect that your PIN is being used by other people, please contact at once e-GO! DRIVALIA’s Customer Service, to report the problem

  • I have lost my personal PIN what can I do?

    If you forget or lose your PIN, go to your e-GO! DRIVALIA profile in the dedicated section to request a new one. Alternatively, you can call Customer Service at the toll-free number to generate a new PIN. However, Customer Service does not know your PIN, and will not be able to provide it by phone.

  • I would like to change my e-mail address, what can I do?

    You just need to access your user profile from the website or app and update it.

  • Can I change the driving license data entered during registration?

    Yes, you can change it. For example, if it is expired or if you lost it, and you have a new one, you can access your personal profile from the web site and update the data of the driving licence.

  • Is it possible to change the payment method entered in my e-GO! Drivalia profile?

    Yes you can do it from the web site or from the App.

  • I would like to cancel my subscription to the service, is it possible?

    If you want to cancel your registration with the service or discontinue your subscription, you can do so freely anytime you want. All the details are available on the Terms and Conditions of the e-GO! DRIVALIA service.

  • I have had an accident / theft of the vehicle, what should I do?

    The first thing to do in these cases is to call promptly Customer Service to describe the type of accident, the damage to the vehicle and to give the address where you are. You will be given all the necessary instructions, depending on the situation.

  • Where can I find the CID inside the car?

    The direct compensation agreement (CID) form is available in the vehicle’s glove compartment (remember to leave it in the same place).

  • Who should I give the filled CID form to?

    If it is necessary for an operator to come to the site, unless you need medical care, please stay on site until the operator arrives. You will need to give the operator the CID forms filled after the accident and any report issued by the authorities that intervened.
    If it is not necessary for an operator to come to the site, remember to leave the CID forms and any report in the vehicle’s glove compartment. Even if the vehicle works, it is still necessary to contact Customer Service. If the vehicle can no longer be used, Customer Service will end the rental from the control room.

  • How and when can I contact Customer Service?

    Customer Service can be reached at the email address customercare.ego@drivalia.com.

    For emergencies such as roadside assistance or problems with the rented car, the Customer Service is active 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and can be reached by calling the toll-free number 800-920900.


  • I have detected vehicle malfunctions what do I do?

    If the vehicle is in a parking space in the service’s coverage area, call e-GO! DRIVALIA Customer Service to describe the problem and to provide the exact address where the vehicle is parked. It will not be necessary to wait for the operator.
    If the vehicle is in a no parking space or outside the coverage area: call e-GO! DRIVALIA Customer Service to describe the problem and to provide the exact address where the vehicle is parked. Wait for the e-GO! DRIVALIA operator to arrive on site. In case the vehicle breaks down beyond 50 km from the coverage area of the service and more than 24 hours are required to repair it, e-GO! DRIVALIA will pay for your return or continuation of the journey (train, airplane and any overnight stay) within the limits set by the Rules.


  • How can I purchase a Minute Pack?

    To purchase a package you must be subscribed to the service or, if not, sign up directly on the e-go.drivalia.com/it webstite or on the e-GO! DRIVALIA App, clicking "Register" and then "Subscribe".

    Once you have registered and have chosen your tariff plan, you can purchase the minute packages reserved for you within your Personal Area.

  • What is the One Shot package?

    One Shot packages are perfect for casual users and allow you to drive at discounted rate for the purchased minute period.

    The minutes inside the One Shot packages are available for one ride and cannot be purchased at the same time.

    If you do not use all the minutes during the rental period, the remaining minutes will be considered lost.

  • What is the Wallet package?

    Wallet packages, ideal for regular users who want to save money, can be combined with each other and can be used on multiple rides, until the last minute or until the expiry date of the package.

    If not all minutes are used by the expiration date of the package, the remaining minutes will be considered lost.

  • Can I buy a package without having a tariff plan?

    No, you cannot purchase a package without a prepaid or pay per use tariff plan.

  • What happens once I have exhausted the minutes present within the package?

    Once the minutes in the package have been used up or the period of validity of the package has expired, the customer can purchase another package or use the service again with the subscription chosen at the time of registration.

  • If I purchased several packages, what consumption first?

    The minutes will be scaled starting from the One Shot package, then will be scaled from the Wallet package and finally will reset the rates and minutes of the chosen tariff plan during registration.

    The customer can still decide, if he has several packages (for example 1 package One Shot and 1 package Wallet), which package to start using the minutes available.

  • Can I buy more packages?

    You can buy one or more minute packages depending on your needs.

    One Shot packs can only be purchased one at a time, but you can purchase 1 One Shot pack and 1 or more Wallet packs based on the minutes you need.